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ETF2L Season 10 Summary geschrieben von vier ° RpL - 28.12.2011 -
Links: • VierRedVierBlu
Better late than never - a great leader listening to the alias Germany vier ° RpL  finally released the ETF2L Season 10 News.

This time we had 2 teams participating (not counting the dropped vier green) which were able to finish their divisions enormously successful.

First of all - vier blu:
As we expected the team around full-time-noob Turkey vier ° kr4tos  was able to take first place in Division 5C playing a flawless season without giving away a single point. We hope they can continue their streak one division higher in season 11.

The best for last - vier red:

After we won Division 2 in season 9 but didn't get rewarded due to the danny case, we decided to achieve the season 9 result again - and here we go - we did it! Our pro-squad managed to win Division 2 once more and deserved that trophy for sure eventhough the season started quite bad for us. We lost our week 2 match to the underdogs from Russian Federation HoverHands. But we started to work hard again and finally won our division.

We hope the year 2012 will be as successful as the year 2011 and let's all hope that things go on like that.

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#3 von vier ° kr4tos Clanmitglied 29.12.2011 - 01:14
Avatar   Turkey offline zitieren

ich bin kein noob! unhappy

#2 von vier ° D.o.B. 29.12.2011 - 01:13
Avatar   Germany offline zitieren

und was is mit dem full-time-bob silver?
Der braucht bald ne eigene News find ich :>

#1 von vier ° Fleischpanzer Clanmitglied 28.12.2011 - 23:01
Avatar   Germany offline zitieren

du hast das glorreiche vier yellow 8also das cappz-yellow) vergessen. aber die braucht eh keiner :P

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